Since your viewers will have different internet bandwidths, we broadcast up to four streams in different bandwidths simultaneously.

This ensures that a webcast can even be viewed when using a narrow bandwidth connection.


The ever increasing fragmentation of the media markets also opens up new opportunities, e.g. a well planned IPTV programme distribution. Distribute your signal via various media. You can broadcast your event in your own webcast while simultaneously doing so in a stream on your advertising partner’s Facebook page.

An event can also be distributed to publishing houses’ websites and TV journalists can receive the signal via the NEWSBOX- IPTV platform at a broadcast resolution standard.

Press Service

We support press departments with a considerable number of services. We advise you on stream planning, the distribution of the signals to TV stations, websites and social media. We provide video material for the media and prepare graphics and captions.

Naturally, you can also have a press conference webcast on your website with the speaker’s slides inserted and interactive chats with journalists.